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Posted on Dec the 17th
By Helen Spendlove


Posted In: Productivity

Reed & Mackay Steps Up IT Support For 300 Staff Using Systems From Sunrise Software

Leading corporate travel agent relies on Sostenuto to streamline processes and support mission-critical business environment where 100% IT uptime is essential

Reed & Mackay is a leading corporate travel management company specialising in the legal, insurance, financial and oil and gas sectors.  Headquartered in London, the company was founded in 1962 as a City-based travel agency.  Since that time, it has grown internationally to become one of the most trusted and respected companies in the strategic business travel management market, offering high end, bespoke travel services to businesses and private clients. 

Commitment to quality drives business forwardReed & Mackay is dedicated to providing the very best service to clients at all times, summed up by the company’s motto “Pride through Service” that lies at the heart of everything it does. 

Despite world events such as 9/11, SARS and the more recent credit crunch, Reed & Mackay has always delivered consistently high value and service.  It is certified to the latest ISO standards and in November 2013 gained certification to ISO 22301:2012*, the business continuity management system standard with LRQA that helps ensure zero impact on client service levels in the event of severe service disruption.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement is further backed up by a robust IT infrastructure that is critical to operating in today’s fast-moving travel industry.  For the past three years, Reed & Mackay has relied on Sunrise Software’s flagship product, Sostenuto, to consolidate systems and introduce a consistent set of processes across the company’s dual Service Desk environment.

According to Marilyn Dunk, Head of Reed & Mackay Online, “We work in a fast-moving industry and must be agile to meet the ever-changing needs of our business travellers.  Delivering fast and efficient IT services to our staff is fundamental to achieving customer service excellence and maintaining our competitive edge.”

Automation holds the key to the futureHowever, three years ago the situation was very different.  Reed & Mackay’s two Service Desks, one covering IT support and the other supporting the company’s business systems, worked independently using a different set of processes and a variety of manual spreadsheets.  They shared the same technology for managing incidents but there was little integration so they lacked workflows that would have supported more efficient working. 

After carefully evaluating the marketplace, Reed & Mackay selected Sunrise Software primarily for its flexibility and the high level of customisation provided by the Sostenuto ITSM solution.  The new system was robust and sophisticated enabling Reed & Mackay to process emails automatically, store information centrally and report on that data swiftly and accurately. Close integration with other systems such as Active Directory was also provided.

Dunk continued, “Sostenuto stood out from the crowd in terms of flexibility and configurability.  We could tailor the screens ourselves, making it even easier to use, which was vital for encouraging everyone in the IT department to share the same system and adopt new ways of working.  As an added bonus, close integration with Active Directory and the ability to link all incidents, problems and changes guaranteed our systems were fully up-to-date at all times.  In short, Sunrise Software was the perfect partner to help us create a brand new Service Desk environment worthy of a dynamic, growing business.”

Faster, more efficient incident resolution drives down calls to the Service DeskToday, seven IT analysts use Sostenuto to provide efficient support to all 300 employees at Reed & Mackay.  Emails are automatically logged, the incidents are prioritised according to severity then monitored and measured against the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) assigned to them. 

The IT department can even manage incidents relating to third parties.  For instance, should there be an issue with a specific supplier that cannot be resolved on-site; Reed & Mackay simply raises the incident as a problem in the Sostenuto system to be followed up later at a more convenient time. 

Analysts also use Sostenuto to link seamlessly with Active Directory and accurately store important data such as broadband and home-worker details. 

Dunk added, “We love the joined-up approach afforded by Sostenuto and our users clearly appreciate the efficiency it brings.  The popularity of the system means more people use it and fewer phone calls come into the Service Desk.  This releases valuable time back into projects that directly impact the business.”

Strong business benefits all roundThe implementation of Sostenuto has brought a series of benefits to Reed & Mackay.  The company now has a fully integrated, consolidated Service Desk framework that stores all information securely in one place, makes it easy to retrieve pertinent data and saves time. The system has streamlined processes for managing incidents, problems and changes across the whole organisation. 

Using Sostenuto’s advanced reporting capabilities, Reed & Mackay has complete visibility of all Service Desk activity, enabling it to monitor its performance and adapt nimbly to the needs of the business.  An accurate audit trail supports the company’s ISO certification quality programme and gives managers the hard evidence they need to maximise their resources efficiently. 

Looking to the future – gamification is the way forwardLooking to the future, Reed & Mackay aims to expand the Sostenuto implementation.  It is seriously considering introducing Self-Service into the organisation to gain greater efficiencies as the company continues to grow. In the New Year Reed & Mackay looks forward to taking advantage of Sostenuto’s unique gamification functionality to promote healthy competition among team members that ultimately improves IT service support, and will enable staff to focus 100% on delivering innovative products and services to clients around the world. 

Using ‘My Sostenuto’ wallboards, IT analysts can see at a glance how many incidents are being processed and who has closed the most incidents on a daily basis.  Dunk believes this makes the team “more aware of their performance”, keeping them focused on the end goal.

Dunk concluded, “Before Sostenuto, emails used to get lost and there was no reliable mechanism for keeping track of our activities let alone for measuring our performance.  Sostenuto has given us a robust tool that gives us the stability we need to deliver an enhanced service to our users and to our clients.  In an industry where uptime and fast turnaround are critical, Sostenuto has infinitely boosted our overall productivity.  What is more, it gives us the real-time data we need to interact confidently with our board of directors and our external auditors and so prove the demonstrable value we can add to the overall business.”

*See LRQA’s news section:

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