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Posted on Oct the 20th
By Guest Blogger


Posted In: Innovation Nation

IPads Now Safe To Use In UK Schools

First ever education provider with the ability to monitor iPad use in schools

Impero Software is the first UK education provider to help ensure student online safety when using iPads in the classroom, with real time remote screen viewing functionality.

Impero, the UK’s leading classroom and network management solution provider, is constantly innovating to ensure it pre-empts and reacts quickly to the everyday challenges faced by schools; this technological breakthrough is a direct response to the rise of tablet use across the education sector.

Jonathan Valentine, CEO and founder of Impero, comments: “There’s no doubt that the tablet is a fantastic learning resource – iPads now play an essential role in wider educational initiatives such as developing basic maths skills.

“But they also give students easier access to the internet and therefore the dangers associated with it. Prior to this technological breakthrough, schools had no way to guarantee the online safety of their students because it was not possible to monitor the use of iPads in the classroom. Without this ability, children are at a much greater risk of incidents of cyberbullying and can easily access inappropriate websites. This breakthrough will keep students safe online as that is our main priority.”

With Impero teachers can now view iPad screens remotely, in real time from within the classroom. Students can also share their iPad screens with their classmates. Not only does this keep students engaged in the classroom, but the teacher can now ensure their students cannot access illegal websites and has full visibility into the terms and phrases their students are searching for.

Jonathan Houseago, ICT & Data Manager at Riverwalk School in Suffolk, comments: “As a special educational needs school, we currently use Impero’s Education Pro to monitor students’ activity on desktops. Due to the nature of our students, we have a duty of care to ensure that they’re safe when working online, even the older learners in further education. We know how beneficial iPads can be for the educational development of our students, so having the ability to remotely view iPad screens in real time will enable us to keep an eye on what they’re doing, ensure they’re not exposed to inappropriate content and, ultimately, keep them safe.”

This announcement is the latest in a series of technological advancements for Impero this year, including the launch of its Seamless Sign In software, YouID and its e-safety and digital classroom management tool, Classroom Manager.

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