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Posted on Dec the 8th
By James Kwan


Posted In: SME's

Olympus Engineering Welcomes New Managing Director

Olympus Engineering was founded in 2000 by Managing Director Neil Blood, aiming to be the leading supplier of precision machined components. With its dedicated staff, the firm continues to exceed its customers’ expectations.

“Myself and the rest of the management team of Jackie Williamson, Steve McIntyre and Stuart Walklet want to keep the aims of our founder Neil Blood alive.” begins Nick Moston, who has recently been appointed to oversee the firm’s future.

“We have a successful company with dedicated staff, many of which have been with us from our formation in 2000. Along with our new owners Corpacq, it’s our job to make sure the company has the inward investment to achieve constant steady growth with existing customers and explore new markets such as aerospace and sustainable energy.”

Moston also explains the firm will continue to invest in the correct equipment for its chosen markets, and invest in training our young people to become engineers of the future. Investing in the young is always a key business goal, but what kind of other targets and contracts hope to deliver the right future in 2015?

“Goals for the coming year are to achieve organic growth with existing customers and move into the sub contract machining market for the aircraft industry.” Moston explains.

“To this aim we are set to achieve AS9000 as our first step by the middle of next year. We are also passionate about improving the training of our staff, concentrating on the latest lean techniques so we can remain globally competitive.”

Describing his overall opinion on the sector, with its drivers, positives, central incentives and challenges, Moston is candid.

“We are seeing a fairly static market at the moment after a very busy start to the year.” he says. “But once again we will show respectable growth in our business year on year.

“The uncertainty in parts of the world, for example Russia, India and Brazil is definitely having an effect on our main market sectors at the moment. However we believe this is only temporary and will return to growth early next year.”

Moston explains that, as always, it’s a constant battle to remain competitive in the global economy. This is commonplace with all UK business, but with innovation in methods and processes he believes homegrown businesses can more than match their weight on the worldwide playing field.

“We see components coming back to these shores, as companies begin to see the advantage of having the manufacture of their products being done so close to home.” he continues.

“We provide more than just components to our customers, it’s the service they get and the knowledge that they can contact us 24 hours a day. It is also about the categorical involvement in the early stages of their product designs, so we can make it easier to manufacture and remove cost for them.

In terms of the future, where is Olympus going? What need UK manufacturing as a whole be doing? After a moment’s thoughts, Moston replies that the world of tomorrow looks good for Olympus.

“With the help of our employees and customers our goal is to be one the best sub contract machinists in the UK.

“We do get frustrated with the obstacles that seem to be put in our way when applying for grant aid. The rules constantly change and the time to market on these grants can mean we end up missing opportunities when they are available. The uncertainty of the awarding of a grant means projects may not happen.”

In spite of this potential negativity, businesses like Olympus will continue to use guile and innovation to

maintain sales and break into overseas markets, no matter what the grant climate.

Olympus Engineering

Company Olympus Engineering

Website Olympus Engineering

Founded 2000


Olympus is primarily a CNC production environment consisting of both Machining Centres and CNC lathes. The true potential of our modern workshop is realised by employing highly skilled engineers and machinists. Constant development of resources and investment in modern equipment and techniques enhances our competitiveness. Partnerships with customers allows co-development of both products and production facilities. ISO 9001 and TS16949 accreditation together with state of the art measuring equipment ensure complete quality

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