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Posted on Jan the 16th
By James Kwan


Posted In: SME's

New Sinclair Games System To Be Made In The UK

The recently announced Sinclair Spectrum Vega games computer is to be manufactured by SMS Electronics Ltd at their factory in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. The manufacturer was chosen by the Vega’s developers, Retro Computers Ltd, from more than 20 factories which were invited to tender for the contract.

The decision to begin manufacture in the UK continues the policy of Sir Clive Sinclair, who launched the original ZX Spectrum computer in 1982 and sold more than 5 million of them. Sir Clive, who is a shareholder in Retro Computers Ltd, said:

“I have always sought to manufacture my products in the UK whenever possible and I am proud that I have usually been able to do so. In this country we have some top quality factories that can give us the comfort of knowing that the Vega will be very reliably made. When our management team visited the SMS Electronics facility all of them were impressed with the thoroughness and attention for detail at every stage of the manufacturing process. And SMS will provide us with exactly what we need ? a ‘one stop’ service capable of delivering finished, tested, packaged product direct to our customers.”

Bob Pitchford, Sales & Marketing Director of SMS Electronics Ltd, said: We are absolutely delighted with the news. The original Sinclair ZX spectrum is a gaming product that we all remember so it is very exciting to be working with such an iconic brand. The contract win is not only an acknowledgement of our expertise in this industry, but an affirmation of our continued hard work as a UK CEM. This partnership provides a boost for UK manufacturing in particular that of the East Midlands

For more information contact:

Retro Computers Ltd SMS Electronics Ltd

Suzanne Martin Bob Pitchford
07971300326 07793 444464

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