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Posted on May the 19th
By Melissa Baker


Posted In: SME's

Evoque Innovations Reveals Why SMEs Are Struggling To Grow

Birmingham based event marketing firm, Evoque Innovations, reveals the main reasons why SMEs are struggling to grow.

Business growth is a necessity and if a company is not growing, it is shrinking. For sustainable business growth, it also needs to be steady, explains Evoque Innovations. One of the biggest traps a small business can fall into is becoming a victim of its own success. Sometimes the business grows faster than it plans to because, for many entrepreneurs, the idea of saying no to work is just foreign to them. Businesses in this situation often don’t have the appropriate systems and controls or the right staff to manage the growth, which can compromise ongoing success.

In a recent article on BDaily Business News (29 April 2015) it was reported that research conducted by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) revealed that 46% of SME owners believe that a lack of access to skilled workers is the main obstacle to growing their business; this was from a survey of 500 directors, senior leaders and SME owners. 43% believe that cutting the so-called ‘red tape’ would be the quickest way to stimulate growth among mid-market businesses. It was reported that for smaller companies (10 to 49 employees) access to credit is a wide concern, with 26% of those polled citing this as the biggest barrier to expansion.

Evoque Innovations believes ‘a lack of skills’ can be tackled by giving on-going training, offering work experience and regular training workshops to help learning and development. The firm’s success to date is being attributed to the great work ethic and team work of the company’s sales and marketing force. Evoque Innovations has a network of well-trained, friendly, vibrant individuals who make themselves readily available for customer needs. The firm have a passionate sales force, who are dedicated to helping the firm’s clients’ brands succeed. Each member is highly trained and together with a professional attitude, the group is one of the best in the industry.

Evoque Innovations is a start-up marketing company based in Birmingham that focuses on driving real results for all of their clients. The firm offer event marketing services and reporting tools enabling their clients to take a hands-off approach to their direct marketing. Evoque Innovations specialise in outsourced sales and marketing to increase client’s market share and build a loyal and extensive customer base to ensure client’s growth. The firm don’t just focus on customer acquisitions, they provide clients with excellent customer service requirement, direct marketing, positive brand promotion and cost effective campaign management.

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