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Posted on May the 27th
By Melissa Baker


Posted In: Press Releases

Media Agency Group Brings Bermuda Sunshine To The Streets Of London

Media Agency Group is proud to showcase its latest digital out of home advertising campaign in the capital, with digital 6 sheet advertisements promoting the Bermuda Tourism Authority in London.

The campaign’s aim is to entice the city’s residents into taking a break from London life and heading to the island for a relaxing holiday.

The digital ads reference one of Bermuda’s most-loved cocktails – ‘Dark n’ Stormy’ – and ask Londoners if they would prefer “a dark and stormy London” or a “Dark n’ Stormy on ice in Bermuda.” Coupled with images of a dreary London skyline and a gorgeous Bermuda white sand beach, the campaign will undoubtedly encourage the public to consider Bermuda as their holiday destination for this year. The ads are on show in some prime London locations, including shopping hotspot Oxford Street. As more and more people begin to finalise their plans for their upcoming summer holidays, the campaign has come at the perfect time of year for the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Since April 2014, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has been responsible for marketing Bermuda’s tourism product with the specific goal of growing the island’s tourism economy, increasing visitor numbers and creating jobs. The authority takes great pride in developing creative and innovative ways to make Bermuda a highly desirable destination for visitors and tourism investment.

Managing Director of Media Agency Group, John Kehoe, said:

“Media Agency Group is delighted with this latest digital out of home advertising campaign, working alongside Bermuda Tourism Authority to promote the island as a top-class, luxury tourist destination. The digital ads will capture the attention of Londoners in some of the city’s busiest areas, and will no doubt encourage people to consider Bermuda for their next holiday.”

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