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Posted on May the 27th
By Melissa Baker


Posted In: Innovation Nation

UK's Largest Communications Newcomer Set To Receive EUR1 Billion Funding To Build Brand New Fibre And Mobile Infrastructure

NSL & Co. International, a Private Equity firm that primarily focuses on investments in the highly specialized field of next-generation technology, media and telecommunications, today announced that it will invest up to EUR1 billion in Angie Communications UK (Angie UK) through its UK TMT & Infrastructures Fund (the Fund).

Angie UK will build and operate three state-of-the-art, next-generation communications infrastructures in the UK as part of its international strategy of building and operating a unique multi-nation network. The Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) and Mobile Broadband/Wireless Access (MB/WA) infrastructures that Angie will build nationwide sets both the company and its services apart from current operators.

By leapfrogging the incumbent providers’ fragmented and outdated services, Angie brings true convergence and seamless integration of 4.5G mobile, 5G wireless and 10-gigabit video, data, voice and “smart” (e.g. Internet of Things) services.

Angie UK is the largest new entrant in the communications market. At present, Angie UK has financial commitments in place in excess of €300,000,000 (three hundred million euro, representing 10% of the company at a €3 billion valuation) as direct investments in the company. In addition, Angie is in the process of selling another €300,000,000 worth of equity, which is expected to close by September 2015. The €1 billion investment from the Fund will complete Angie UK’s total funding requirement of €1.6 billion, which is spread over a period of two years.

To help people familiarise themselves with Angie UK, which is the Fund’s flagship investment, the company has set up a Virtual Data Room with documents and links of interest. Angie UK also released its 170-page strategy document, “Going Beyond Imagination: The Blueprint for Next-Generation Communications”. This document contains a lengthy market and competitive analysis with up-to-date information about UK’s next-generation communications infrastructure.

As for the Fund, its Technology, Media, Telecommunications specialized approach concerns:

the acquisition of (nationwide) mobile radio frequency licenses;
investing in next-generation convergence communications (mobile, wireless and fiber optic) infrastructures;
investing in (or [partly] acquiring) technology companies that offer (and/or conduct research and development for) or own innovative products, solutions or strategies; and
investing in (or [partly] acquiring) companies and projects that are beneficial to the establishment and promotion of all fund investees.
The Fund is managed by the Fund Manager, NSL& Co. Europe B.V.

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