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Posted on May the 28th
By Melissa Baker


Posted In: Business Hacks

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions: The Most Desired Entrepreneurial Trait? Gratitude.

Whilst determination, unwavering passion and ambition may be high on the list of traits entrepreneurs need to succeed, Phoenix Premier Acquisitions share why gratitude may be the most desired trait of all.

Sales and marketing firm Phoenix Premier Acquisitions have long believed that gratitude can make an individual a better and more successful entrepreneur. The pace and competitiveness of the business environment can mean that the majority of business owners lose sight of the little things that they are thankful for, and this can negatively impact their decisions and actions. Gratitude can not only benefit an entrepreneur’s business development, but can also improve their mental health. By focusing on the positives, allows them to become better and more adept should any challenges arise on their route to success. Phoenix Premier Acquisitions believe that there are 4 key areas in business where gratitude can really improve an individual’s entrepreneurial abilities and have outlined how gratitude can help push an entrepreneur through the common challenges of business.

First off, gratitude can increase productivity. It has been proved it boosts determination, energy and performance and because of the positive effects on mental health, it can help people sleep better and come to work refreshed and focused. Phoenix Premier Acquisitions are urging budding entrepreneurs to think of a few things they are grateful for before each working day, and believe that by keeping a note of these things will help entrepreneurs stay focused, happy and help them to achieve more.

Another thing that the firm has recognised over the years is the effect gratitude can have on leaders, helping to improve a person’s ability to lead effectively. As a leader being grateful towards the hard work of others helps raise morale and increases the productivity of the workforce as a whole. It also helps leaders to become more appreciative and focus on each workers’ strengths, which encourages them to work harder and have more pride in the work they produce.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions also believe that a healthy dose of gratitude can help entrepreneurs to become better salespeople. Gratitude can help entrepreneurs make stronger, more meaningful connections with customers which makes them feel far more comfortable buying from them. Gratitude is a mood booster and customers feed off of the positive attitude of a great sales person. It also helps a person become more likeable and honest which is core to closing a sale. By also making the effort to show gratitude to the customer and their decision to make a purchase Phoenix Premier Acquisitions believe that entrepreneurs will be able to increase customer loyalty and build a more inclusive and approachable brand.

Lastly, as previously mentioned gratitude can greatly improve an entrepreneur’s mental health. Entrepreneurship is intense and stressful therefore it’s important for entrepreneurs to do all they can to stay sane. Gratitude allows entrepreneurs to take on challenges effectively by focusing on what they’ve achieved so far to drive them forward and eliminate any discouraging thoughts.

Phoenix Premier Acquisitions is a Southampton based sales and event marketing firm, which helps major UK businesses to expand their market reach and generate a higher percentage of sales. The firm work on a face to face basis with their clients’ customers and take the time to understand their own unique needs and values. This approach means the firm can provide a personalised service which promotes brand loyalty for their clients and helps them to build and develop a positive reputation on the market.

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