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Posted on Jun the 5th
By Melissa Baker


Posted In: Manufacturing Heroes

Outstanding First Quarter Results Underline Tubefab's Ability To Bend To Industry's Needs

Tubefab, the West Midlands-based tube forming technology specialist, has announced first quarter trading results that exceed its total turnover in 2014.

The business, which is associated with the Addison Machinery Group, puts its unprecedented sales successes down to providing exceptional customer service – and the growing number of organisations that are recognising the advantages of investing in tube bending machines from Tubefab’s CSM range.

Accuracy, reliability and repeatability

“When we began offering CSM (Chiao Sheng Machinery Co.) tube bending and end forming machines in the UK, we realised that CSM had something very special to offer,” comments Tubefab’s Managing Director, Alan Price. “That said, nothing quite prepared us for the favourable reaction across UK manufacturing industry to the high levels of technology, accuracy, reliability and repeatability provided by CSM – all coupled to exceptional value for money.”

Wide-ranging requirements

Over the last few months, Tubefab has received machine orders from furniture manufacturers, a bathroom accessories specialist, a safety barrier manufacturer, a sub-contract tube bending specialist, a leading producer of robotic milking equipment and a central heating boiler manufacturer. The CSM machines ordered from Tubefab include: an all-electric CNC rotating head machine for right-hand and left-hand bending, a multi-axis double headed symmetrical bending machine (which also incorporates an innovative metal punching solution), twin-stack electric push and draw bending machines and a number of ‘standard’ 3-axis machines.

Tight radius bending for automotive sector

Tubefab’s first quarter successes follow on from several CSM machine sales that the business secured with high performance exhaust, DPS and catalytic converter manufacturers over recent months.“Today’s drive for reduced packing space in engine bays, greater diameter exhaust systems and rapid catalytic converter warm up times are all fuelling the demand for highly precise tight diameter bends – something which the robust build and precision capabilities of CSM machines provide,” adds Alan Price.

Thin wall, large diameter tube bending at 1xdiameter

One prominent exhaust and catalytic converter manufacturer has also invested in a 100mm tube diameter 1-D boost bending solution from Tubefab – an investment that is enabling them to meet the growing demand for tighter bends on larger diameter stainless steel systems and attracting interest from premier automotive manufacturers.

“Thin wall, large diameter tube bending at 1xdiameter centre line radius has traditionally been unachievable,” continues Alan Price. “With the introduction of high-tech machines, such as CSM’s 100TDRE-RBE, we offer a highly affordable, ultra-precise solution for the most challenging of applications.

“From Tubefab it is possible to obtain the whole range of CSM tube bending machines, from basic 3-axis hydraulic models to sophisticated, 11-axis all-electric machines. The CSM 100TDRE-RBE, for example, is capable of bending 100mm diameter tube, with the benefit of multi-stack and full electric boost capability, enabling 1xd bends to be produced.”

Tubefab: leading the way in tube forming technologies

Tube forming technology specialist, Tubefab, is associated with the Addison Machinery Group, a UK-based organisation that has been at the forefront of metal sawing and forming technologies since 1956. With a carefully selected product range, Tubefab provides the accuracy and repeatability that modern manufacturers require. The technologies offered by Tubefab include CNC all-electric tube and profile bending machines, CNC and NC hydraulic tube and profile bending machines, precision tube end forming machines and CNC wire bending technologies.

The sectors served by Tubefab’s technologies encompass the automotive industry, aviation, shipbuilding, furniture making, HVAC, as well as the oil and gas industries. In addition to its association with Tubefab, the Addison Machinery Group includes metal cutting technology specialist Addison Saws Ltd., and leading sawblade supply and re-manufacturing business, Dynashape Ltd.

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