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jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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  • The future of SEO and distribution sites

    The future of SEO and distribution sites
    jason pitt

    jason pitt

    17th of November 12

    Google’s bid to become the only gateway to the web is hitting some serious snags from unethical SEO companies. These firms are trying to manipulate search rankings using a number of unethical practices including; the creation of "shadow" domains that funnel users to a site by using deceptive redirects Another…

  • PCC parade of poor candidates

    PCC parade of poor candidates
    jason pitt

    jason pitt

    15th of November 12

    Today voters will decide who will be their local Police and Crime Commissioner, This is a new role job that will oversee the police and ensure they are prioritising what matters to you. There are however many critics of the post not least the police themselves who believe it may…

  • Equal rights in danger of going too far

    Equal rights in danger of going too far
    jason pitt

    jason pitt

    14th of November 12

    No one can disagree with equal rights, not just for women but all people in our society. I don’t know anyone that is against creating a fair and just society, but in doing this via legislation rather than market forces and best practice we have opened the door to the…

  • Banish negativity and produce high performing teams

    Banish negativity and produce high performing teams
    jason pitt

    jason pitt

    5th of September 12

    In today’s fast evolving and competitive workplace it’s important that management and team are firing on all four cylinders. If you’re a business who wants fast growth, then you need to lighten the load. In my time as editor of Business Report I have come across hundreds of different business…

  • Business Blogging 101

    Business Blogging 101
    jason pitt

    jason pitt

    26th of July 12

    With the Internet quickly becoming the world’s preferred way to shop for products and services, it is essential that businesses employ a strong content marketing campaign to ensure online recognition. For small to mid-sized businesses, content marketing is essential because it is one of the most cost effective ways to…

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