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Andreas Voniatis

Andreas Voniatis

Andreas Voniatis read Economics at the University of Leeds, graduating in 1999 with an Upper Second Class honours degree.  Upon graduation, Andreas pursued a career as a management accountant, becoming a passed finalist of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 2.5 years, with first time exam passes in every

 module. His accountancy career covered various management accounting roles at First Choice Holidays, BOC Group and BT.

During his accounting career, Andreas became a self taught website designer in 2003 and worked alongside many of the avant-garde SEO consultants learning and testing many of the SEO techniques in highly competitive industries.

Alchemy V Ltd was founded in 2007, on the back of selling to the WinTech Gaming Group based in the USA, and in response to the opportunities and rising challenge of competitive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  As a consultant Andreas contracted for The Move Channel (formerly Lead Galaxy) as an online marketing manager expanding on his web search and accounting analytical skills to email marketing, display advertising, web project management, website analytics, and establishing XML partnerships, including with the Telegraph Newspaper.

In 2009, Andreas left to join Infectious Media, a New Media Age award winning agency, as their Head of Search, responsible for their Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO product and client servicing.

In 2010, Andreas reprised his role within Alchemy V Ltd and rebranded as Alchemy Viral with clients including his former employers Infectious Media, Xoomworks, CyberSports, Akiko Web Design, and Thrive Active.  With his  company’s delivering beyond expectations, Alchemy Viral grew in stature winning further clients including Discount Vouchers, News International, Interpublic and Carat.

Andreas is actively developing the company, with particular regard to Product Development and Business Development.  This is an exciting stage for the company with new staff coming on board to meet the scaling operational challenges to meet and exceed client expectations.

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  • Put people first and the keywords will follow

    Put people first and the keywords will follow
    Andreas Voniatis

    Andreas Voniatis

    21st of November 12

    On the road to better search rankings, the temptation to go after keywords promising volumes of search traffic is alluring. But while that might seem to offer the quickest route to the prize of more customers online - time and time again these goals are unrealistic. The numbers based search…

  • Being reachable is being mobile

    Being reachable is being mobile
    Andreas Voniatis

    Andreas Voniatis

    14th of November 12

    As Google has recently been granted a patent on determining the reachability of content from mobile devices including gestures on tablet screens. Such a patent further underlines the relevance of mobile search for businesses today, as people are now reading websites via Twitter browsers and the like. The recent development…

  • Grey polyester ? poetry in motion

    Grey polyester ? poetry in motion
    Andreas Voniatis

    Andreas Voniatis

    8th of November 12

    As retail shifts towards the web, online stores become more creative with their product descriptions in a bid to become more appealing. Taking a flattering picture of an item from all angles is not enough anymore – e-stores are trying to seduce shoppers with elaborate and witty descriptions of whatever…

  • Searching on the fly

    Searching on the fly
    Andreas Voniatis

    Andreas Voniatis

    1st of November 12

    It’s safe to say that the improvement of mobile networks will increase online traffic via capable handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With this increase in traffic there are new challenges on the horizon when it comes to ensuring that your site is not only visible, but also possible to…

  • How to find a good backdoor in SEO

    How to find a good backdoor in SEO
    Andreas Voniatis

    Andreas Voniatis

    4th of October 12

    Backdoor linking is a neat trick if you’re writing on behalf of a client but don’t want to seem like you do. Anyone can hyperlink directly to the company, product or service they represent but for some more mastery tricks you are going to have to go through the backdoor.…

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