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'Making' news that makes things happen

As a Director of Pressvine Worldwide Limited (a sister company to the Made in the Midlands manufacturing initiative), over the past 12 months I have helped a number of member companies receive recognition in national media for the work that they do 24/7 365 days a year.

A lot of them often say “we don’t do anything newsworthy”, only for me to then dig a little deeper and find that, with an external pair of eyes, they actually do quite a lot that is newsworthy.

That is the beauty of manufacturers, engineers and people who ‘make things’. You make things happen and therefore you can make news.

Part of my job is to come up with the ideas that get manufacturers talking about what they do, package it as a newsworthy story, then distribute it to target media, where their potential customers would be reading.

In many cases, I even help them to do it themselves! See below a few examples of people like you:

In my opinion, Midlands Manufacturers are too modest. Part of putting the Midlands on the map is all about shouting about how good we are. It has been too long since we did this! I also believe that for too long, successive governments have neglected the UK manufacturing sector and its important role as a wealth creator for UK Plc.

This seems to be changing, which is great news and if that filters out into an appetite for more positivity around the sector in national press, that means a boost in confidence. A boost in confidence leads to decision makers of manufacturing companies taking opportunities when they arise, making investment and growing their business. Negativity creates trepidation and the opposite happens.

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a morning with a good client Andy Evans of laser cutting specialists SSC Laser. Andy is the Commercial Director and has been instrumental in the company’s expansion throughout the UK in the last 12 months, opening new manufacturing sites in addition to record profits and turnover.

When I asked him whether he ever contemplated not expanding the firm because of negative news in the macro environment or what he hears on the breakfast news, he replied “no, never. I ignore it and take the opportunities that come our way. You have to focus on your own company and make things happen”.

I couldn’t have put it better.

If you would like to chat about ideas to get your company name in your chosen industry press, I am happy to talk. Feel free to email me at

Adam Tipper

Adam Tipper

Commercial director of Public Relations software business, Pressvine Worldwide Limited

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