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What's in a label?

The primary objective of any business is to achieve a high level of productivity whilst keeping expenses as low as possible.

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, companies need to outmanoeuvre their rivals in any way, shape or form. Businesses are known for spending bucket loads of cash on expensive rebranding exercises, when often the answer is a lot simpler – change the design of your labelling.

It is a proven fact that improved digital label designs lead to more product sales. Think about the products you buy on a weekly basis, are you able to envisage the labels just by thinking about that particular item? Good, so am I.

The label’s ability to attract attention is what will make customers remember it time after time. Let’s face it, everybody likes buying a product with an eye-catching label design.

They are not just about attracting attention, they also need to instil confidence in your consumers. A professional look and feel will go a long way to achieving this.

The last thing you want is for a customer to pick up your product, only to put it straight back down again because the label feels cheap and tacky. This could lead to the consumer questioning both the credibility and intelligence of your business.

The composition of your label is very important, not only for instilling confidence, but also for maximising product sales. This is where the label design and materials fall hand-in-hand, together they are a very effective combination.

At Mercian Labels Group, we work closely with our customers and their designers to maximise shelf-edge impact and sales of product. With so many features, materials and finishes available, we can really add something to the final product if we are involved in the design from an early stage.

Finally it is imperative to consider the most important aspect of labelling; does the label announce what is inside the package? This is what your customer needs to know. Without this, you might as well be screaming your product information out of a nearby window, in the hope that someone will eventually stop and listen!

What you should remember is that labelling can be one of the most useful methods of communication that you can have with a customer. It is the manufacturer’s equivalent of a shop window and one of these easiest opportunities to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Adrian Steele

Adrian Steele

is the Managing Director of The Mercian Labels Group companies. He is a Chartered Director and Fellow of theInstitute of Directors. Adrian joined Mercian Labels in 2001 and is responsible for strategic direction, with a particular focus on acquisitions and new product development.

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