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Follow the buzz, not buzz words

It’s interesting how we take the internet for granted these days and how effortlessly we consume information with little or no regards to facts. For many it’s become second nature to log on to Facebook before the morning toast.

It may come as a shock to you that internet at first was thought to be the latest computer fad and that it would never catch on since so few understood how to use it. Besides, searching for information before companies like Yahoo and Google appeared was incredibly time consuming. If you don’t believe me you can always ask Jeeves.

There is no need at all to understand how internet works. It’s a language ultimately made up of ones and zeros. The key is to understand how consumers spend their time online and what they think they will get out of it.

We are the story generation armed with the power to hyperlink to any and all information that’s ever been shared on the internet. Many of our decisions are based on whether the thumb is pointing up or down. What people fail to understand is that the direction of the thumb is based on subjective opinions of people who aren’t really experts in anything, apart from liking and disliking things.

The success of any website is defined by how much traffic it generates. It doesn’t matter much if you have thousands of subscribers if few of them visit your site. A prime example of this is facebook. When it was initially offered up for trading the opening prices per share was set at $34 to $38 but the price quickly dropped when it was discovered that 83 million accounts were fake or inactive. Today’s share price hovers around $20.

How to generate traffic

Search engines started out by recognising key words which were set by the people running websites. You may remember how easy it was to find adult entertainment a few years ago no matter what you searched on. This is because the people behind these sites pretty much copy pasted the dictionary when they indicated key words which would find them.

This system has now slowly been abandoned and it’s increasingly important to have actual content on your site which will relate to the words people search on. The keen observer will quickly realise that it’s impossible for a website to hold a vast amount of content unrelated to their products or services.

Now it’s time to think outside of the box. Your site may not hold all that content but other sites could link to yours. This technique will generate a lot of traffic over time. I bet you’re wondering right now where all these sites are that has all this content that can link to you.

Let me tell you - they don’t exist. You are going to have to either make them or have someone make them for you. There are people out there who follow trends on the internet and know what’s generating a buzz. These are people who can create compelling content relating to what’s hot and searched for right now.

They follow the gossip on social media sites like twitter and subscribe to message boards and forums so they know what it takes to direct traffic on the internet without being noticed. You have probably asked yourself how you ended up on a particular site which is so far off topic from what you initially searched for. Trust me, in many cases that was not a coincident.

Let say that you searched on the latest Batman movie because you wanted to read a review. The site you ended up on had a well-crafted and opinionated text about the film. Just maybe you liked the style of writing just enough to look at another topic on the site; perhaps the next topic was about an online company selling t-shirts or a travel agency which offers flights to Hollywood at discount prices. And there will be hyperlinks which will take you to the suggested sites.

This is a very blunt example of how this system works. It will be a lot more sophisticated and subtle than that. Welcome to a new and improved usage of the internet. Know what’s hot, create content and link.

Andreas Voniatis

Andreas Voniatis

Andreas Voniatis read Economics at the University of Leeds, graduating in 1999 with an Upper Second Class honours degree.  Upon graduation, Andreas pursued a career as a management accountant, becoming a passed finalist of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 2.5 years, with first time exam passes in every

 module. His accountancy career covered various management accounting roles at First Choice Holidays, BOC Group and BT.

During his accounting career, Andreas became a self taught website designer in 2003 and worked alongside many of the avant-garde SEO consultants learning and testing many of the SEO techniques in highly competitive industries.

Alchemy V Ltd was founded in 2007, on the back of selling to the WinTech Gaming Group based in the USA, and in response to the opportunities and rising challenge of competitive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  As a consultant Andreas contracted for The Move Channel (formerly Lead Galaxy) as an online marketing manager expanding on his web search and accounting analytical skills to email marketing, display advertising, web project management, website analytics, and establishing XML partnerships, including with the Telegraph Newspaper.

In 2009, Andreas left to join Infectious Media, a New Media Age award winning agency, as their Head of Search, responsible for their Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO product and client servicing.

In 2010, Andreas reprised his role within Alchemy V Ltd and rebranded as Alchemy Viral with clients including his former employers Infectious Media, Xoomworks, CyberSports, Akiko Web Design, and Thrive Active.  With his  company’s delivering beyond expectations, Alchemy Viral grew in stature winning further clients including Discount Vouchers, News International, Interpublic and Carat.

Andreas is actively developing the company, with particular regard to Product Development and Business Development.  This is an exciting stage for the company with new staff coming on board to meet the scaling operational challenges to meet and exceed client expectations.

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