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How to shape a positive company culture

Company culture involves the social norms of a business, such as attitudes toward gossip and criticism. A positive company culture will keep your employees focused on their jobs rather than tension or disputes. As the boss of a company, your workplace is a blank slate. Take advantage of the opportunity to shape the company culture before it shapes itself.

Define Your Leadership Style

As a leader, you must exhibit the leadership style you want employees to mirror. A democratic leader solicits input from everyone in the group, and she may allow employees to vote on decisions. In contrast to the autocratic leader, who makes decisions himself, the democratic leader builds employees’ confidence and benefits from an array of knowledge and experience.  Decide how your leadership style will influence office procedures, such as who introduces new ideas and how you make decisions.

Determine Characteristics of Excellence

Characteristics of excellence are the values that are most important to your company’s success, such as innovation or tradition. Hire employees whose personalities and goals reflect these characteristics, and stress these values in your mission statement, goals, and conversations.

Practice Strong Communication

Employees will only feel like a team if they communicate effectively. Clarify communication channels, letting employees know whom they must report to about particular responsibilities. Practice tactful constructive criticism so employees will do the same. Practice strong listening skills, understand how cultural background may affect communication, and encourage employees to discuss any concerns with you.

Minimise Stress

Stress poses a significant problem for many workplaces, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Employees become more productive when stress levels decrease, allowing them to focus on their jobs instead of their anxiety. To reduce stress, maintain a calm demeanor, convey expectations clearly, address concerns before they grow, and let employees take breaks to clear their minds.

Show You Care

Show employees that their wellbeing and success matters to you. Competitive benefit plans and other perks, employee recognition programs, and workshops on self-improvement topics like stress relief show employees you care. Saying “thank you” often, and in front of other employees, will encourage everyone to do the same. Be friendly with employees without getting too personal as well, asking if they enjoyed their weekend or the concert they were talking about going to. Smiling often and taking a few moments to chat will encourage everyone to be more friendly.

jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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