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How to Build a Successful Team

Highly motivated teams are essential to the success of any company or organisation. They produce results, support each other, and make the workplace a fun environment. It is difficult to gauge how a great team is built, and most of the time the credit goes to the leader for forging and uniting the team members. While this statement may have some truth behind it, leadership by itself is not enough to build a highly successful team. To build a winning team, the following components also have to be present:

Passionate Workers

A great team needs to have members who are passionate about what they are doing. They need to be willing to go the extra mile to finish tasks designated to them. They must be willing to find solutions to problems and should be opinionated enough to share their thoughts and ideas.

Passion is not something that can be provided by the company, but there are ways to promote the desire to be productive at work. Leaders should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their workers and assign tasks accordingly. People should focus on tasks that are suited to their capabilities and talents. Giving them obligations that are beyond their skills will make them insecure and resentful. This is a formula for failure and resignation. Developing personal strengths, however, will motivate the team members to focus and produce excellent results.

People who are excited about doing their tasks have an infectious effect on other people. They are filled with positive energy. They smile, they work fast, and they become creative. They can also encourage other team members to work more diligently.

A Good Challenge

The second ingredient to building a winning team is constantly providing them with a good challenge. Giving them big goals make them brainstorm for solutions and rely on each other’s strengths. Goals keep employees on their toes and provide them with something to strive for. A good challenge directs the members to a common goal that they need to collectively achieve.

To be worthy of the chase, a challenge needs to be specific and measurable. The criteria must be clear and the success rate needs to be quantifiable. It can be a percentage, a fixed amount, or a specific number of units. The challenge also needs to be realistic and attainable. The employees need to believe that the tasks are doable and that the targets are achievable. They should also have a definite deadline within which they have to complete the assignment.

A good challenge keeps the spirit alive and the creative juices running. It gives the employees a good reason to focus on what they are doing. It also provides an opportunity to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the journey.

The Opportunity to Make Mistakes

Great things are rarely achieved after the first attempt. People make mistakes and learn from them. Employees need to be given the opportunity to create ideas, be innovative, and to test their theories. A good leader allows his members to try out new things and to learn from their mistakes.

Employees who are given enough leeway to implement their own ideas are more motivated than workers who are simply told what to do. It gives them a sense of purpose and fulfillment knowing that they their boss trusts them. It drives them to perform better and to ensure that their ideas are worth the time of day.

In summary, a great team is built by bringing together a good leader, a set of passionate workers, a common goal, and the opportunity for learning. Each of these components needs to be present in order to achieve the desired result. 

jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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