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Creating a marketing role in your business

Reputations are important so why do so many businesses give it such a low priority? The answer is MD's are so busy running their businesses they have little time to observe the marketing strategy of their business. There is also an inclination in small businesses to give marketing activities (selling by phone, sending out regular mailings, designing advertisements off press releases, ect) to some poor soul already snowed under in another part of the business, which he can turn to in his spare time. This mistake explains why so much money is wasted.

Consider that, for every business, there are three main functions:

1. Production - The product or service has to be supplied or made.

2. Marketing and sales - Having made the product you have to find and sell your product to them.

3. Administration and finance - The whole business has to be administereed, the employees paid, the windows cleaned and the money banked.

Each of these is a vital function of the business so why give this job to the junior member of staff you have that comes in three mornings a week. Marketing and sales are so important that they need people trained in marketing.

That said there are so many businesses that will employ a dedicated marketing person which is great but then they wont know how to manage them or train them as they have little or no skills in that area.

So here are some tips I have compiled to help you successfully create a marketing role in your business.

1. Ask a marketing professional to sit in on any interview you have

2. Develop KPI's (Key performance indicators ) for the team member

- This simply means develop a plan for your member of staff and set them targets. You could for example say I want one press release per month, A regular newsletter, data cleansing and the team member to attend a certain number of networking meetings. BUT have this plan in place.

3. Ask a professional to help you with a quarterly review plan

4. Give them the tools to make their job efficient

5. Use technology to monitor them

6. Train other members of your team in marketing so they can offer support

7. Experience counts - Regardless of academic qualifications you can no more be an expert marketeer by reading books than you can learn to drive purely from reading the highway code.

9. It takes time - You don't build a brand overnight so keep persisting

10. Employ happy people

jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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