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Business Blogging 101

With the Internet quickly becoming the world’s preferred way to shop for products and services, it is essential that businesses employ a strong content marketing campaign to ensure online recognition. For small to mid-sized businesses, content marketing is essential because it is one of the most cost effective ways to increase website traffic, improve conversions and bolster brand awareness. 

One of the easiest and best ways to put content to work for you and your business, and gain an edge over your competitors, is to create a blog for your business.

Despite the power that a business blog can wield, many business owners never take the plunge. They often see blogging as added work in an already busy day. There is no doubt that, for many entrepreneurs, blogging is something that they just can’t seem to find the time to do. This is why so many business blogs go stale soon after they have been launched.

In addition to the time factor, many business owners worry that they do not have the proper skill set to maintain a blog and write regular posts. It can be daunting, because anyone doing business online knows the importance of having a continuous flow of quality webs content in order to succeed. In the end, many business owners decide that it would just be easier not to have a blog, regardless of how helpful it could be.

Like anything else, however, it only takes a little bit of effort and commitment to overcome these perceived challenges and create a successful business blog.

If you’re ready to give it try, consider the following steps to creating a blog that will not only increase sales, but save you thousands of pounds in traditional marketing costs.

Step #1: Outline Your Goals

It is important to recognise your goals, with respect to your business blog, from the start. Blogging demands focus and it is important not to get sidetracked along the way.

Are you looking to educate readers about your product, service, or industry? Do you want to use your blog to promote new offerings or specials?

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your blog, but be sure to align the subject matter with the goals and objectives of your business. During this phase, it is also important to map out how often you will update your blog, how you will promote it and how you will attract and retain readers.

Step #2: Consider a Professional blog

 Like any landing page, you want to make the best first impression possible.

If you use a simple blogging platform, like WordPress, for example, you are sure to find the right theme to match your business goals. While using a free theme, customised to your specific needs, may serve your purpose, a hosted blog on a non free site such as Business Report, in the end, will set your blog apart from your competitors.

Step #3: Learn How to Blog

There are several website available that are dedicated to teaching people how to blog. So, before moving forward, do your homework. Many of these “how-to guides” will help give you an idea of how to run your business blog. Always remember that there are certain legal issues involved in blogging, so be sure to learn what types of disclaimers and limitations of liabilities you should include.

Step #4: Learn to Retain Readers

One way to retain readers is by updating your blog regularly with fresh and relevant content. This will help to ensure that new visitors will be attracted to your blog and will find something new when they come back again.

Quality blog content needs to excite and engage readers, without being too pushy. If you do not feel that you have the time or ability to provide readers with this type of content, consider hiring a professional writer to do the job.

Step #5: Promote Your Blog

You can actively promote your business blog by submitting it to blog directories and the search engines. Like any other piece of web property, use effective keywords and key phrases to gain high search engine rankings to generate organic search engine traffic. 

jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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