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Banish negativity and produce high performing teams

In today’s fast evolving and competitive workplace it’s important that management and team are firing on all four cylinders. If you’re a business who wants fast growth, then you need to lighten the load.

In my time as editor of Business Report I have come across hundreds of different business people but I can honestly say I have only met 20 or so different personality types. If you are skeptical about this get a pen and paper out and try and list more than 20 different types of personality, hard isn’t it?

My blog today is all about recognising those personality types that will hold your business back from achieving the things you want and perhaps recognise that aspect of yourself and try to change it.

Whenever I turn on the TV or read a paper I am reminded about the destructive impact the ‘naysayers’ have in the world. Despite being a minority they have helped cause recessions to mass suicides. The impact can be very real.

It doesn’t matter weather it’s the stereo typical ‘Mayan’ fanatic who believes the world will end in 2012, the company director who wont invest in his business or an employee who uses the word can’t in every sentence. The common word to describe this personality is negative and its effects can hold you back unless you take action.

A person focusing on a negative angle will miss the positive opportunity because they are not looking for it. This could result in a lost order, mistakes been made and morale been damaged.

A ‘Naysayer’ will continue to preach negative ideas and comments until they can convert others.

If enough of this negativity is spread then the business will flounder, you won’t spot opportunities and wont grow. And the ‘Naysayer’ will in effect have made the prediction come true through sheer pessimism.

The ‘Naysayer’ actually wills things to go wrong. They take joy in saying I told you it wouldn’t work.

I tend to only come across these people rarely, but only last week I was reminded of this by a struggling spring manufacturing business that said the UK is done for and we should be ashamed of ourselves for making people believe it had a future.

What to do if you have a negative employee?

In the first instance you can directly address their negative mindset and encourage them to see things from a different perspective. Provide examples of this and demonstrate how the same situation can be viewed from a positive angle.

Get to the root of the problem. Negative thinking is usually the product of negative experiences, whilst business owners are not social workers if you want your business to succeed this is a skill you will need to develop.

To counter the ‘naysayers’ in your office or workplace you will first need to get them to realise that they are in fact a ‘Naysayer’ this is something, which will not be easy. But if you don’t see a problem then there is no problem to solve.

Last option and possibly the one I’d go for first if employment legislation was less harsh – Give them the boot!

Okay so we’ve spend a long time talking about the negatives but how about the positive? 

In many ways this is easier. It takes less energy to motivate get ideas from and inspire someone who already has a positive mindset. It could be a customer that fully engages and listens to what you have to say or an investor that sees the opportunity in your product. Whatever it is it’s less cloudy on a bright sunny day. 

Who’s in your mind-set?

It’s very important if you want to do well to surround yourself with people who are both positive and successful. This will cultivate an environment for your ideas and abilities to prosper.

What is your environment like?

What are your offices like, do they inspire? Does your environment support your new positive ethos? If not change it; bring in bright colours, a place for your people to enjoy working in.

Treat your staff as you want to be treated yourself, don’t have an ensuite bathroom with all the trimmings and then give your staff toilets with saloon doors for privacy if you wouldnt appreciate this yourself.


There is much on the Internet about the value of appreciating what you have and being grateful. This originates from Buddhism and many of the great religions. The principle is if you can’t enjoy and appreciate what you have now then you never will because it will always be something else that you need to feel good. And if you want to have success then you need to at least claim this first step and put the appreciation for what you have achieved very much in the present.

Goal setting

Whilst many business plans are simply a paper exercise for banks and investors with no sense of accuracy when it comes to the actual forecast I do strongly believe in having clearly defined goals. This gives you something to aim for, a destination to reach. If you are one of those people that has written a ‘war and peace’ business plan and want to achieve it, have a look at why you want to achieve it and how this personally motivates you. If your goals take longer than an A4 side of paper to write then you’re doing something wrong. 

I hear plenty of people tell me they want to be millionaires but the question I ask is why? What is the real drive the real passion because it is that that will help you reach your destination and not the money.

jason pitt

jason pitt

Editor of Business Report newspaper and business director of Made in the Midlands and Pressvine. Jason has been involved in publishing newspapers and magazines for more than 15 years.

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