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October the month that was in Recruitment, Employer Branding and Social Media

Here’s a collection of news stories from the past month that I found interesting, informative or just plain entertaining.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did so without delay, here’s what’s been happening in the month of September!

In the world of recruitment…

Not only did October see employment figures hit their highest levels since records began but it seems recruitment is on the increase too with the number of jobs posted up by 4% month on month and 8% on last year according to the latest Job Index figures.

Earlier this month George Osborne unveiled the “employee-owner” scheme which would allow workers to give up traditional rights, such as the ability to claim unfair dismissal, in return for tax free shares. Good idea or disaster waiting to happen?

Research has shown that 1 in 5 graduates start their working lives in London but is it the call of the big smoke or an uneven distribution of jobs available? Either way the same figures show that graduates employment is staying relatively stable indicating that graduates are doing better than expected despite the weak economy. 

In the world of employer branding…

Google - no huge surprises there then! And it’s not just the UK, according to figures released by LinkedIn, Google appear to be the most “in demand” employer across the globe, closely followed by fellow technology brands Apple and Microsoft. While back here in the UK, those in the chase for the top spot are BBC, Unilever, Shell and BP.

Not exactly news but a great article written by David Partington for Dutch Magazine Fonk explains how Google manage to build such a popular employer brand which includes some great tips – worth a read.

In the world of Social Media…

In the wake of prosecutions for offensive postings, new guidelines for policing social media are set to be discussed but how do you strike the balance between offensive content and free speech?

…and it seems social media is joining in the tradition of piling on the pressure, exerting the biggest influence on purchases of baby toys, video games and mobiles phones. The PeopleShop report found that on average, 10% of all purchases were influenced in some way by social media.

And finally…

As hurricane Sandy hit the USA knocking out huge numbers electricity and internet connections, millions of resident turned to Twitter to find out the latest news and appeal for help while government agencies and other official bodies also used it to share information and updates. Yes there were a few pranksters spreading false stories and doctored photos, but it just goes to show how much we have all come to rely on something that has only been around for a few years. Amazing.

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