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Got a business and a life?

Despite the professional differences one thing they often have in common is that when they first set-up there businesses they were gripped with an entrepreneurial seizure – a vision to build a great business and accumulate personal wealth that will allow for a great lifestyle.

Few achieve all of these. Some have great businesses and have accumulated wealth beyond their dreams but have no life… Some are working all hours and finding that personally and financially it is not rewarding and also have very little life beyond the business.

This is often because their great business is dependent upon them. So what they have is not a business but a job – and what is even worse is that they are working for a lunatic!!

If you own a business you should understand what it is you want from that business? What are your primary aims?

Did you go into business to work all the hours God sends, for it to be all consuming,  to be constantly preoccupied, to  have hassle from employees , to deal with the bureaucracy that is always there and NEVER goes away – did you – I bet you didn’t.

Your business should be a money making machine that gives you the opportunity to live more life – As a financial adviser to business owners of course I am interested in their money making machine – but I am also interested in this machine being an instrument through which the owner can experience more life.

Most businesses don’t work, people who own them do. This will not change until you change the way in which you do business.

At Henwood Court we understand…

Contact Nick Platt (business owner) on 0121 313 1370 to discuss how we can help you consider your own personal goals and create a financial plan to achieve these goals, while taking the stresses and worries off your desk so you can get on with what you do best – running your business and living life…

Nick Platt

Nick Platt

A director at Henwood Court, we specialise in looking after the financial needs of business owners. Our clients run a diverse range of businesses from Solicitors and Medical Practices through to Sports Gyms and Manufacturers.

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