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Last updated on Jan the 1st By James Kwan

Pimlico Plumbers Ltd

Pimlico Plumbers Ltd

Pimlico Plumbers is a plumbing firm based in London. It is London’s largest independent plumbing company.[2] It was established in 1979 by its current Managing Director Charlie Mullins (born 1954), who left school at 15 with no qualifications and began work as a plumber.[3]

It is known for its effective publicity, handled by Max Clifford. The company owns a number of plumbing-related number plates, fitted to its fleet of vehicles, such as LO 02 OLD (Loo too old), BOG1, DRA1N, W4TER and others.[3][4] It has gained considerable free publicity through its employment of Buster Martin, who claims to be Britain’s oldest worker, cleaning vans on a part-time basis up until his death in 2011.[5] The firm’s boss presented BBC3 show ‘Britain’s Best Young Plumber’[6] and has appeared on Secret Millionaire.[7]

The company promotes itself as providing a high-priced, high-quality service, employing ‘£100,000/year plumbers’,[8] charging £80-£200/hour depending on time of day and service performed.[9]

The firm has been involved with a legal dispute with Steve Cosser, an Australian TV executive accused of industrial espionage in stealing Pimlico’s celebrity client list after establishing a rival firm, Service Corps, using ex-Pimlico staff.[10] Services Corps collapsed in January 2010 following the legal action.[11]

The firm has also recently been involved in a flagship scheme in aid of the big society with the renovation of the Streatham Youth Centre.[12] This was organised along with Wickes, A4e and the Co-Sponsorship Agency.

It has a smaller outlet in Marbella, Spain.

In November 2010, Mullins reported that he was considering floating the firm, with a £50m valuation, in order to fund a nationwide expansion.[13] The firm turned over £14.7 million in 2009, with profits of £750,000. Mullins received £1.3 million in compensation in 2009.

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Company Information

Company: Pimlico Plumbers Ltd

Founded: 1986

Industry: Plumbing

Phone Number:

Revenue: £17000000.00

Employees: 200

Headquarters: Pimlico House, 1 Sail Street, SE11 6NQ

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