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Last updated on Jan the 1st By James Kwan



The lack of traditional bank lending to small business is notorious but just as frustrated are the investors seeking returns from the market. By providing secure loans as an investment opportunity through an auction model, ThinCats now has approaching £7.6 in funds lent out to UK SMEs. (£10m worth of funds under management since it opened for business in January 2011.)

50 loans have been agreed to date, with over 650 registered members of the investment club investing in businesses across the UK. The biggest loan to date for one business is for £600,000 (a world record for this sector of lending) and loans to date total £7.5m.

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Company Information

Company: ThinCats

Founded: 2009

Industry: Lending and banking

Phone Number:

Revenue: £10000000.00

Employees: 3

Headquarters: Rock Farm, Hangmans Lane, B79 0LA

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