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An inside guide to dealing with an Insolvency Practitioner

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People who meet up with an insolvency practitioner for advice don’t ever go through choice – typically their personal or business finances have deteriorated to such an extent that there’s really no alternative. For most, because it’s the first time they’ve ever met with an insolvency expert on such a level, the whole thing is alien to them, they’ve no idea what to expect at or what they’ll get out of the meeting.

If this is you, you’ll find this book very useful indeed because it sets out the key processes you and your insolvency practitioner should be following before, during and after your initial exploratory meeting together. You see, unless a properly structured plan is followed, there’s a real danger that the meeting will fall short of providing you with what you really need - a plan to create a stronger financial future for you or your business that will last the test of time. Anything less would be a waste of everyone’s time, effort, and money - yet it happens a lot.

If you’ve not yet met with your chosen insolvency practitioner, you’ll find valuable tips in this book on what you and your insolvency practitioner should be doing throughout the process. If you’ve already had your meeting but somehow you’re not entirely happy with how it went, this book will help you assess whether the problem lies with you, the insolvency practitioner or the process that’s been followed. Either way, you’ll know what to do next.

Thanks for taking the time to download this book, I hope that you find it useful.

Paul Brindley

Licensed as an insolvency practitioner in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales 


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